Alexa Dental Studio is a dental training studio with groundbreaking idea and developed many popular training models. We focus on the Bone Drilling,  Sinus Lift, Bone Defect Inside, Immediate Implant(Missing teeth), Impacted Third Molar, Typodont(wax, standard and Periodontal) , and endo models. More importantly, we also accept your customized ordering for your course.

Besides, we also have good quality for the dental bur for FG/RA/HP carbide burs , FG/RA diamond burs and ENT burs.

Best Selling items

This Orthodontics wax model are specially designed for dentist to trained to correct malocclusion. Soft wax design and easy modified shape.
Have a look this sinus lift implant model, it comes with missing teeth area and 8 more exists teeth for removing training.
S003G sinus lift model come with missing teeth holes for immediate implant training and bone defect.
Gingiva for cutting and suture.
The high quality patient simulated head can match to most of our dental models, providing you a professional lab equipment and environment.
This Endo root canal model can help dentist to deal with endo treatment practice, it is 20 degree angel and works well on any endo course.
This Endo root canal model has pulp chamber and root canal inside a transparent block with a crown attached on top.
This Mandibular jaw model for drilling and implant insertion practice, the density of bone can customised as 4 different levels.
This Periodontal surgery model can help you to practice tooth brushing, interdental cleaning and surgical treatment.
With these four different density level bone blocks, it can help any dentist to get practiced varies bone hardness, this is a top choice for drilling practice.
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